Floor Pads

Made with the highest quality, sustainable floor pads made of recycled polyester material

Stripping and Restoration Pads: 

  • Titan Extreme Stripping Pad
  • Black Very Aggressive Stripping Pad
  • Maroon X Heavy-Duty Restoration Pad


Buffing and Polishing Pads:

  • Red Buff Buffing Pad
  • White Super Polish Pad


Burnishing Pad:

  • Porko Elite Ultra

Scrubbing and Cleaning Pads:

  • Green Scrub Pad
  • Blue Cleaner Pad
  • TurfScrub Brush Type Floor Pad
  • Xtract Melamine Floor Pad


Twister Diamond Care Pads:

  • Twister Red (400 Grit)
  • Twister White (800 Grit)
  • Twister Yellow (1500 Grit)
  • Twister Green (3000 Grot)


SmartScrub Clean and Shine Pad